Module gr_blade_analysis

gr_blade_analysis - a GRToolbox module
Analyze a blade file. This program expect pairs of two sets.
The first set contains only the chord, and the second
contains the thickness distribution. It can combined
directly eith the gr_thickness - tool.
If the incomming sets contains only either chords or.
thickness distributions, use the flags -chord or -thickness.
The values for positions and maximum values for chord and
thickness are given relative the chord length in
If no camber distribution is specified, absolute values
will be printed.
Needs gr_blade_camber -all type data for input.
-[printPointSet chord thicknessh o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
-help For help on all options.
Special Options:
-printPointSet Print points also.
Example Input Data:
@title gr_blade_analysis: No test data available
Example Output Data:
@title gr_blade_analysis: No test data available

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