Module gr_blade_camber

gr_blade_camber - a GRToolbox module
Calculates the camber line, thickness and camber distribution of an airfoil.
The algorithm used for this is a predictor corrector algorithm
is integrated. The area is calculated using the
formula: (x[n+1]-x[n])*(y[n+1]-y[n])/2
nd linear interpolation between two points.
-[eps camber thickness distributionh o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
-help For help on all options.
Special Options:
-all Print all values in a single set using 8 columns.
Column 1: Camberline x-value.
Column 2: Camberline y-value.
Column 3: Camberline thickness-value.
Column 4: Camberline distribution.
Column 5: Normal of camber x coordinate.
Column 6: Normal of camber y coordinate.
Column 7: Profile coordinate upper side x.
Column 8: Profile coordinate upper side y.
Column 9: Profile coordinate lower side x.
Column 10: Profile coordinate lower side y.
-ct Print the camber and thickness in two sets line.
-camber Print the camber line.
-eps double Accuracy for difference in distance from camberlinne.
-distribution Print the camber distribution.
-info Print number of points per side.
-thickness Print the thickness.
Example Input Data:
@title gr_blade_camber: No test data available
Example Output Data:
@title gr_blade_camber: No test data available

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