Module gr_center

gr_center - a GRToolbox module
Calculates the centerpoint, the area, the lift and the torque of an area included by two sets.
Centerpoint and Area will be determined using absolute
subarea values only! The lift and the torque will be calculated
using signed subareas.
Sets must be sorted in the same direction!
-[xaxish o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
-help For help on all options.
Special Options:
-xaxis double x-Axis for torque calculation.
Example Input Data:
@title "Example will have centerpoint (0, 0)."
-1 1.22465e-16
-0.5 0.866025
0.5 0.866025
1 0
-1 1.22465e-16
-0.5 -0.866025
0.5 -0.866025
1 -2.44929e-16
Example Output Data:
@title "Example will have centerpoint (0, 0)."
#Area: 2.598075
#Lift: 2.598075
#Torque: 0.000000
#Centerpoint:0.000000 0.000000

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