Module gr_circle

gr_circle - a GRToolbox module
create a 2D circle or ellipse. (No Input needed).
-[x1 x2 step nh o v noc nof now skip ]
-help For help on all options.
Special Options:
-x1 double Start value (Default: 0.000000)
-x2 double End value (Default: 6.283185 )
-a double Radius a (Default: 1.000000)
-b double Radius b (Default: 1.000000)
-n int Number of points.
-step int Number of steps,
Example Input Data:
@title "gr_circle takes no input!"
Example Output Data:
1 0
0.5 0.866025
-0.5 0.866025
-1 1.22465e-16
-0.5 -0.866025
0.5 -0.866025
1 -2.44929e-16

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