Module gr_lift

gr_lift - a GRToolbox module
Calculates the lift of an airfoil. Therefor the area between
either one coherent curve or 2 curves of the same orientation
is integrated. The area is calculated by calculating the
formula: (x[n+1]-x[n])*(y[n+1]-y[n])/2
-[pts points formath o v noc nof now skip f m c e i s l]
-help For help on all options.
Special Options:
-abs print absolute value.
-format string c-like format string for output.
-points Print points also. If points is chosen, the lift
will be calculated for each set separatly.
-pts same as -points.
-n int Print Lift after each nth set (0 = print result at end).
Example Input Data:
@title "Example will have centerpoint (0, 0)."
-1 1.22465e-16
-0.5 0.866025
0.5 0.866025
1 0
-1 1.22465e-16
-0.5 -0.866025
0.5 -0.866025
1 -2.44929e-16
Example Output Data:
#Lift: 2.598075

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